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McGeorge Family Philosophy of Ministry
Philosophy is defined, a system of fundamental or motivating principles, concepts or beliefs, a basis of action or belief or the sum of an individuals ideas and convictions (Webster’s 2nd New College Dictionary, and Webster’s Third New International Dictionary).

  • The Chief aim of ministry is the Glory of God, for God to receive his due glorification and reverence in the lives of His crowning creation, mankind.
  • Concerning the Ministry it is my philosophy that God is Glorified when the Word of God is to be preached, taught, explained and applied to the lives of those who will listen, in order to bring about conviction and guilt over sin, salvation from sin through faith, scriptural baptism by a New Testament Baptist Church, church membership and a growing obedient relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Ministry is to be done in service to the Lord, and in His strength, with the drive and determination exerted that is worthy of His service.
  • Ministry is conducted under the authority of God and His institution, the local New Testament Baptist Church, and it’s pastor.